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Dec 10, 2013 12:00am EST
liberal on issues of racial integration and the legacy of the civil rights movement that had rocked the south in the years leading up to and even when he was first running for governor for the first campaign. he really didn't run that liberal on these issues. but when he became governor perhaps in part because he did not have to run in georgia where white voters were not going to support those views he made a tactical turn and nurtured the career of a young andy young at that time and really began to really moderate what had been some pretty traditional white southern views before that. >> we have a question about race about the first lady. growing up in the south what views did rosalynn have on equal rights and human rights? >> well, she was very impressed by lillian carter. i don't think we mentioned lillian carter yet. she was a major force through the whole town of plains because she was a nurse. where is the prevailing attitude was african-americans had to come through the back door and the schools were separate, as far as she was concerned everybody was equal and she had to carry
Dec 9, 2013 9:00pm EST
support of integration and the gains of the civil rights movement, and that also really helps create momentum he had them. he is seen as a candidate who can bridge a lot of divides and draw in a lot of people. >> that video represents the peanut or gay. >> are the peanut brigade? it is the carter's from georgia who went to other states to campaign. it was impressive when they went into the snowbound streets of new hampshire. , when you are going to a voter and saying, i am asking you to vote for someone i personally know, that carries a lot of weight. people would wear gold pendant , and i thinkt pens the idea of running as an outsider might have worked in 1976 in a way that might not have worked in other years. it was the right campaign for the right time. >> it became the standard way in which candidates would run after that. it is very interesting that running from an outsider, what else could carter do, being from as anl town, then run outsider from washington? it became a model for campaigns. you see many politicians running as outsiders. george bush thomas the second bush --ush
Dec 2, 2013 9:00pm EST
enforcement programs that do not respect basic civil rights and civil liberties. we need to stay vigilant in our fight for respect in this country and that has been one of our themes. whether it's on the budget as our colleague, mr. scott, just talked about, or a plethora of bills that have been brought forward by individual members. an essential to the f.y. 2014 budget that has been worked on by the congressional black caucus, which reduces the budget and creates millions of jobs in a fair and balanced way. let me just close by talking about one final area, mr. speaker, that we as members of this body need to stay focused on and that's jobs and growing the economy. in my home state of nevada, we still have a stubbornly high unemployment rate above the national average. despite improvements in certain sectors, there's far too many nevadans who are still looking for work. many who have been out of work for now more than a year, year and a half, going on two years, and i know it's part of the budget debate that will occur between now and january 15, will be this discussion about extending u
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3